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The Top 7 Reasons WHY Magnesium Is Beneficial To Your Health

why magnesium is beneficial to your healthMagnesium is beneficial to your health as it’s a powerful nutrient that sparks more than 300 chemical reactions within your body.

In fact, magnesium is considered one of the top seven essential minerals to help keep your body working properly.

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Could Oil Pulling Naturally Improve Thyroid Health?

Oil Pulling Naturally Improve Thyroid HealthIs oil pulling just a health fad? Or could the traditional Ayurvedic therapy of oil pulling naturally improve thyroid health?

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Top Thyroid Health Books to Help Heal Your Thyroid

the top thyroid health booksI love to discover new books on natural thyroid health.

The reason?

It’s undeniable that we can achieve amazing results with the right information.

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The Top 5 Best Thyroid Posts

As a Naturopath I know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to naturally healing your thyroid health.

But as I see it whatever path you choose it takes a greater understanding of your particular thyroid issues to achieve maximum well-being.

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Have You Been Told Your Thyroid is NORMAL?

thyroid is normalWhenever I hear people say they have been told their thyroid is normal my first thought is…yes, but what was tested?

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Can Copper Harm Thyroid Health? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Can Copper Harm Thyroid HealthCopper is often added to multivitamin mineral supplements, joint health formulas, and even some thyroid health products. But have you ever stopped to wonder… can copper harm thyroid health?

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Can Zinc Boost Thyroid Health? A Naturopath’s Guide

can zinc boost thyroid healthThere’s certain nutrients that maximise your thyroid health. One such nutrient is zinc as it’s vital for healthy thyroid hormone activity. This article answers the question ‘can zinc boost thyroid health’?

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Do You Suspect You Suffer High Reverse T3 Symptoms?

high reverse T3 symptomsThis article discusses high reverse T3 symptoms. But before you read further, here’s a little more about triiodothyronine (T3), and reverse T3 (RT3).

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Natural Treatment For Thyroid Nodules {Your 5 Action Steps}

natural treatment for thyroid nodulesWhen it comes to natural treatment for thyroid nodules there is no specific method to help shrink them.

For this reason, addressing the underlying root causes, and restoring overall function of the thyroid is the goal.

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Hormone Problem? Here’s Your Hormone Imbalance Checklist

hormone imbalance checklistOne thing’s for sure, hormones have a powerful effect on your physical and emotional well-being. Consequently, when you have a hormone imbalance it leads to a wide range of symptoms.

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