The Natural DIet

Be slim and stay in shape all year round, not just for summer

The Natural Diet


Our dietitian is a highly qualified professional with extensive knowledge in nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices. They work closely with each patient, developing personalized meal plans that take into account their unique needs, goals, and preferences. With their expertise and guidance, our dietitian empowers individuals to make positive dietary choices and achieve long-term wellness.

a healthy and balanced diet
training for pleasure at any convenient time
solving psychological problems related to nutrition, discipline and motivation.
I recently participated in the dietitian's marathon, and it was a transformative experience. The dietitian provided a wealth of valuable information, practical tips, and delicious recipes throughout the entire program. Their expertise and support helped me adopt healthier eating habits and make sustainable changes to my lifestyle. I am grateful for the personalized guidance and the sense of community fostered during the marathon. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their nutrition and overall well-being.
The dietitian's marathon exceeded all my expectations. It was a comprehensive and well-structured program that covered various aspects of nutrition and healthy living. The dietitian was incredibly knowledgeable, approachable, and responsive to all our questions and concerns. The marathon provided me with the tools and motivation to make positive changes in my diet, and I saw noticeable improvements in my energy levels and overall health. I'm grateful for the ongoing support and guidance provided by the dietitian and would highly recommend the marathon to anyone seeking to improve their relationship with food.

The sooner you complete the marathon, the sooner you will arrive at the desired figure and forget about the hard ways to lose weight:

What is included in the marathon:

Change yourself externally and internally in 21 days

personalized calculation of calorie intake for each participant of the marathon;
my author’s lectures on nutrition and effective fat burning;
food basket recommendations;
a guide to work with the application that counts calories for you;
7-day skeleton menu;
workouts for each problem area without sports equipment at your convenience;
PP recipes for comfortable weight loss;
anti-cellulite tips;
motivation and psychological support.
And a lot of other useful material for comfortable and adequate weight loss.

At the end of the marathon you will receive:

minus in volumes and on the scales;
reduction (or complete disappearance) of cellulite;
improved health (physical and psychological);
increased endurance;
increased energy and productivity in your daily tasks;
understanding how to eat without counting kcal and not get fat;
confidence in yourself, your strength and your intentions (not only in the area of weight loss, but also in other important areas of your life).