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Have You Been Told Your Thyroid is NORMAL?

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thyroid is normalWhenever I hear people say they have been told their thyroid is normal my first thought is…yes, but what was tested?

All too often individuals are told their thyroid is NORMAL after only testing TSH. In addition, a normal result may just mean your results fall within a very wide reference range.

Sure, testing levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) is important as it’s a vital messenger hormone that’s released by your pituitary gland. But you definitely want more than this tested. It’s therefore wise to check if more than TSH was done.

Why is comprehensive thyroid testing so important?

Comprehensive testing is essential to assess overall thyroid function. For this reason, proper testing helps with an accurate diagnosis, and is useful to track improvements in your thyroid health.

What Is Included In A Full Thyroid Panel?

Very briefly, these are the five thyroid tests you should be discussing with your healthcare practitioner;

  • Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)
  • Free T4 (FT4)
  • Free T3 (FT3)
  • Reverse T3 (RT3)
  • Thyroid antibodies: thyroid peroxidase Abs (TPO Ab) + antithyroglobulin Abs (ATG Ab).

Are you getting all these done? Are you ready to learn more about comprehensive testing?

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