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Natural Treatment For Thyroid Nodules {Includes FIVE Action Steps}

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natural treatment for thyroid nodulesWhen it comes to natural treatment for thyroid nodules there is no specific method to help shrink them.

As I see it, a holistic treatment approach to help heal thyroid nodules seeks to uncover the underlying root causes so you can get started with the most effective healing strategy for YOU.

A holistic treatment strategy includes eating a nutritious diet; supplementing with thyroid specific nutrients; switching to a thyroid supporting lifestyle; and making use of the most appropriate medical intervention such as thyroid hormone replacement.

Natural Treatment For Thyroid Nodules

Here are five action steps you can take straight away. This is a great place to start if you’ve been diagnosed with thyroid nodules, and are interested in combining a holistic approach with standard medical care.

+ Speak to Your Doctor

First and foremost if you have been told you have thyroid nodules I suggest you get as much information as possible so you can better understand what you are dealing with. Ask your doctor or specialist for a copy of the imaging reports, and blood test results.

Check that a complete thyroid panel has been done as this provides an accurate assessment of overall thyroid function. Your test results should include thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), free thyroxine (T4), free triiodothyronine (T3), reverse T3 (RT3), and thyroid antibodies.

It’s very important to measure thyroid antibodies as thyroid nodules are often associated with autoimmune thyroid disorders. An ongoing immune attack within the thyroid creates chronic inflammation which leads to swelling, even possible destruction of the thyroid. Over time this can trigger formation of thyroid nodules.

+ Heal Your Thyroid With A Real Food Diet

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and confused about what to eat, especially when you are dealing with a thyroid disorder.

As I explain in ‘The Natural Thyroid Diet. Your Holistic Guide to Living Well, Living Vibrantly’ it’s vital to eat a REAL food diet. You see, food really is medicine and every bite is a new opportunity to heal your body. In fact, a thyroid-nourishing diet upgrade can mean the difference between struggling with sub-optimal thyroid health and achieving AMAZING RESULTS.

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+ Check D3 Levels

You may already know D3 is the active form of vitamin D, and is an incredibly important nutrient to help safeguard long term health. This fat soluble vitamin controls the way in which your cells grow and divide. As a consequence a drop in D3 makes you more susceptible to developing nodules.

Research confirms serum 25(OH) D is an excellent marker of your vitamin D status. The most widely accepted optimal level of serum 25(OH)D is 35–55 ng/ml.

natural treatment for thyroid nodules

+ Take a Good Quality Thyroid Supplement

I recommend you look for a thyroid health supplement that provides a comprehensive range nutrients to support thyroid function. For example, the best supplements supply the three key thyroid supporting nutrients; iodine, zinc and selenium.

+ Iodine without question is the most important nutrient for thyroid health.
Thyroid nodules are more common in women than men, and the frequency increases with age, along with low iodine intake. For this reason, optimal iodine intake is an important consideration if you have been diagnosed with thyroid nodules.

A good quality iodine supplement is effective for preventing, and treating a deficiency which can lead to goitre. Taking up to 300 micrograms of iodine per day is generally considered sufficient for most individuals.

+ Selenium plays multiple roles to support your thyroid health including several important protective functions.
Selenium helps protect the thyroid from the detrimental effects of a vast array of toxic environmental chemicals. This is an important consideration as research shows the fragile thyroid is highly susceptible to the adverse effects of environmental contaminants. Exposure to thyroid disrupting chemicals (TDCs) as they are termed causes inflammation, and swelling within the thyroid.

In addition, selenium teams up with zinc to aid active conversion of T4 through to T3. It’s widely accepted adequate free T3 can make a big difference in reducing hypothyroid symptoms.

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  1. Hi
    Im curious how you find out what the underlying cause is? My functional medicine doctor has no idea and doesnt know what to do. I don’t know what to do. My bloods are all normal etc no thyroid disease. Im so lost.

    • Louise O'Connor says:

      Hi Julia, taking a good medical history is an extremely important first step in the diagnostic process. Past health issues, your family history, pregnancies, diet etc should all be considered. From there it’s important to get comprehensive testing, and the appropriate medical tests such as a thyroid ultrasound. Best wishes, Louise O’Connor

  2. Jill Myers says:

    I have half my thyroid….,The constant battle with weight gain is debilitating. I take synthroid…eat Keto and exercise…..the weight does not come off!

    • Louise O'Connor says:

      Hi Jill, weight gain can be a sign of low T3. I suggest you check your latest blood test results to see if T3 is optimal. Ideally you want to see free T3 above 4.0 pmol/L. Also as you may know the thyroid med you are taking is a manufactured form of thyroxine (T4). Being on thyroid meds does not mean you will lose weight easier, especially if this T4 is not efficiently converting through to T3 in the peripheral tissues. Best wishes, Louise

  3. Laura Haskett says:

    I have no thyroid due to complete thyroid removal surgery. I suffer from lack of sleep, lack of energy, mood swings and weight gain! Suggestions?

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