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The information in The Natural Thyroid Diet does not offer a quick fix. Unfortunately, solving and recovering from a thyroid problem is not that easy. So please don’t read this feedback and expect rapid overnight results. However I am confident that if you follow the guidelines set out in The Natural Thyroid Diet you can make a difference to your overall health and vitality.


Because once you better understand your thyroid condition, and start addressing the root causes it becomes possible to turn your health around.

Feedback For The Natural Thyroid Diet

The Natural Thyroid Diet book is a wonderful resource to educate yourself on thyroid function in order to be very proactive with your medical practitioner and receive a proper diagnosis. A basic TSH blood test with an average result is not enough! I used the information in this book to request the broad spectrum of tests. And at last I got an answer to why I was feeling so tired and run down. The book then gave me great resources to change my diet and take the correct supplements to address my finally diagnosed underactive thyroid condition. And what a difference that has made. I am back functioning again and well able to cope with all life stresses.
Diane C. New Zealand. *

“The Natural Thyroid Diet book has been so valuable to me in regards to the clear yet detailed information it gives on thyroid health. I now feel empowered and informed to take control of my own health and ask my GP for all of the tests necessary to pinpoint where my thyroid health is at.”
Carmen S. Melbourne, Australia. *

“Thank you Louise, your effort in writing The Natural Thyroid Diet. It is appreciated as your eBook is extremely informative and easy to understand … Even though I already eat a whole food diet, gluten and soy free, learning about the available thyroid tests to pursue, and useful supplements that may help has been a great learning curve.. I will be using your book as a reference guide as I follow the trail to better thyroid health….. Love your informative newsletters too!”
Diane M. NE Victoria, Australia.*

“I have found The Natural Thyroid Diet to be extremely helpful. I wish I had been able to access this type of information years ago! It is just so informative.”
Sharon P. Goulburn Valley. Victoria, Australia. *

“I used to be extremely fit, weighing 120 pounds (54.5kg). In the past two years I’ve lost all my energy and have gained around 20 pounds (9kg) with no control in sight. When I read The Natural Thyroid Diet e-book I realized that finally someone understood my problem.”
Ms R. Dallas, Texas. USA. *

“I was an absolute junk food queen. I thought I could not live without fries and coke. I have given these things up knowing how much better I feel when I eat well. The food I was eating was destroying my thyroid.”
Ms T. Toronto, Canada. *

“I was desperate to lose weight after having my son three years ago. By treating my thyroid I am now losing weight! Every five kilos is a dress size and I have bought myself a new outfit each time to celebrate my achievements.”
Mrs L. Cairns. Australia. *

“There are so many women who have depression or post natal depression, low sex drive, PMT, mood problems, poor brain function, metabolism imbalances — AND DON’T HAVE A CLUE ABOUT IT, NO EDUCATION OR KNOWLEDGE AND KEEP PUTTING UP WITH IT. As a result they lose everything…their health, children, husband, family, job, confidence, and sometimes their life (i.e: suicide) – cause of their thyroid.”
Mrs L. Sydney, Australia. *

“I now know that looking after my thyroid has helped my battle with fatigue. I was so tired after work that I would have to sleep before dinner. I can now go all day and am feeling the best I have in years. My family has noticed a big change too!”
 Ms W. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. USA. *

 “I would recommend this as a fantastic reference book for the newly diagnosed. The information in The Natural Thyroid Diet really helped me understand my thyroid problem and what to do about it.”
Ms B. Sydney, Australia. *

“None of the doctors I saw would listen to me. They told me my thyroid was normal and looked at me like I was exaggerating my symptoms. It was only when I read The Natural Thyroid Diet that I felt that someone understood my frustration!”
Ms W. Perth, Australia. *

* These testimonials are the sole opinions, findings or experiences of our customers. This feedback reflects personal experiences and individual results will vary from person to person. In addition, these testimonials are not intended, nor should they be construed, as claims that information provided on our website or eBooks can be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition.