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Can Copper Harm Thyroid HealthCopper is often added to multivitamin mineral supplements, joint health formulas, and even some thyroid health products. But have you ever stopped to wonder… can copper harm thyroid health?

Could taking copper be unnecessary, even risky? Here’s what you need to know about copper.

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Copper toxicity is a much overlooked contributor to many health problems.

The issue is, while copper does provide some health benefits, for the most part it’s detrimental as it easily builds up in the body.

Excess intake of copper is potentially toxic, especially to the central nervous system.

For most people, tap water is the major source of copper as corrosion of household plumbing systems releases this metal directly into the drinking water. This trace mineral is also in our food supply and a wide variety of foods contain copper including organ meats, seafood, beans, nuts, seeds, and grains.

The type of copper found in nutritional supplements, and drinking water is an unbound, inorganic salt of copper. This type of copper can directly enter the bloodstream, bypassing the liver. This contributes to an immediate rise in the ‘free copper’ pool in the blood.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Copper Supplements

+ Generally speaking taking a copper supplement is not often necessary. It’s very likely you are getting enough copper from your diet, or drinking water.

+ Copper is a major antagonist to zinc. So when copper goes up, zinc goes down.

+ Your body strives to maintain an optimal zinc-copper balance. However, it’s far easier to get low in zinc than copper.

+ The inorganic copper found in supplements is very different to what is naturally found in food. For example, copper gluconate is inorganic copper carbonate combined with gluconic acid.

+ Taking copper well above what is normally found in the diet can be a problem. Your body cannot process and excrete excess amounts which can lead to a copper overload. This is a common problem, especially in women as estrogen increases copper retention.

The most effective way to lower excess copper is to supplement with zinc. Health practitioners who recognize this important copper-zinc relationship prescribe zinc to lower excess copper. This is a straightforward strategy once you understand zinc is the primary antagonist to copper.

That said, if you have a copper overload this should be done cautiously. In fact I recommend you seek the advice of a functional medicine practitioner who has experience in treating copper overload.

You can learn more here: carisoprodol buy

Research into Alzheimer’s disease raises serious questions about copper intake.

Studies reveal free copper levels are significantly elevated in the brain of those diagnosed with this serious neurological disorder. In fact, the higher the free copper, the worse the cognition scores in those with Alzheimer’s disease.

How Copper Harms Thyroid Hormone Activity

Zinc is found in virtually every cell of your body as this mineral supports a wide range of metabolic reactions.

A healthy level of zinc is also vital to support optimal thyroid hormone activity.

The reason?

Zinc teams up with selenium to aid conversion of the thyroid hormone thyroxine (T4) to triiodothyronine (T3). This an important process for maintaining an optimal metabolic rate.

Choose Copper-FREE Nutritional Supplements

Given what we now know about the essential role zinc plays in thyroid health, and the toxicity issues surround copper it’s wise to choose copper-free vitamin and mineral supplements. This includes thyroid health products. I’m always surprised to see small amounts of copper added to thyroid health formulas. Most people need zinc, not copper.

Are you taking a thyroid health supplement that contains copper?

You need to take a very close look at the ingredient list to check if the product contains copper. You will see I formulated ThyroSynergy to be copper-FREE. My advanced Naturopathic thyroid health supplement supplies iodine, zinc, selenium and seven B-vitamins to support optimal thyroid function, renewed energy, and healthy hair, skin and nails.*

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Current Guidelines for Copper Intake

Copper supplements are recommended to treat a deficiency. However as stated already, it’s rare to be truly deficient in copper. The exception would be that you are working with a skilled healthcare practitioner and specific testing has established a copper deficiency.

According to the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) the daily recommended daily intake of copper is 1.5 – 3.0 mg for adults. Furthermore, the NHMRC also advises the safe upper level of intake from food, water and supplements should be no more than 10 mg per day for adults.

These recommendations are high. It makes much more sense to minimize copper intake to safeguard your cognitive health.

Avoid Copper If You Have Been Diagnosed With a Copper Metabolism Disorder

If you have been diagnosed with a Pyrrole disorder a copper supplement is definitely not recommend. This genetic disorder is managed in part by avoiding copper, and restoring healthy levels of vitamin B6 and zinc.

Additionally, individuals with Wilson’s disease, or other genetic copper metabolism disorders are warned against taking a vitamin or mineral supplement containing copper. Wilson’s disease disrupts proper copper clearance. Over time this disorder leads to copper toxicity which causes organ damage, most notably damage to the liver.

In Summary

As you can see it’s clear we are getting more than enough copper from our diet, and its risky taking additional copper in the form of a supplement as research shows a copper overload is strongly implicated in neurological problems.

For this reason, you should rethink your approach when it comes to taking nutritional supplements with copper. In fact, I strongly suggest you actively look for copper-free supplements. To find out exactly what you are taking you need to check the active ingredients listed on the label.


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Was this article titled ‘Can Copper Harm Thyroid Health? Here’s What You Need To Know’ interesting? If so, I’d really like your perspective on this. Please leave a comment or question below. You can also share this blog post with the world. Simply click on one of the social media icons on the left of your screen. Thank you for helping raise thyroid health awareness.


  1. I use a copper fry pan. Does that add copper to my body?

    • Louise O'Connor says:

      Ruthie, is the copper pan coated? Copper is highly reactive with foods so copper pans are often lined with stainless steel. If not, you are cooking on a copper surface so you will end being exposed to copper. Best wishes, Louise

  2. hi, I was born without a thyroid gland, I’m 60 yrs of age and have been taking levothyroxine for 58yrs . I was 2 when diagnosed. in this time I’ve had so much confusing advice and info. I have never fully understood my situation or test results as most of the advice refers to an over and under performing thyroid. I have previously been prescribed 225mg daily but after my Dr. reduced it to 150mg she has compromised and given me 150mg and 175mg on alternate days . I am just about coping but my weight has increased by 28lb. I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR ADVICE. Thank you

    • Louise O'Connor says:

      Hi Beverley, as you know for those born with congenital hypothyroidism T4 medication is prescribed for life. It may be possible to take a T4/T3 combination. I suggest you speak to your healthcare practitioner about this type of thyroid medication. Also testing both free T4 and free T3 will reveal if your body is converting the T4 medication to active T3. Adequate T3 can make a big difference to how you feel. Did you know zinc and selenium assist conversion of T4 to T3? This is the reason your healthcare practitioner may suggest a thyroid health formula with zinc and selenium. Best wishes, Louise O’Connor

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