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Iodine For Thyroid Health: Crucial Nutrient For Thyroid Hormone Production

is iodine safe to take when you have hashimotos

Iodine is essential for ongoing thyroid health. This mineral is essential to meet the demand for ongoing thyroid hormone production.

Your thyroid is your main storage site for iodine. In fact, your thyroid has the highest concentration of this key nutrient.

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What Causes High Reverse T3 (RT3)? {There Are 5 Key Reasons}

what causes high reverse T3If you are experiencing the typical signs and symptoms of an underactive thyroid but your TSH, free T4, and even your free T3 appear to be normal you may want to consider checking your reverse T3, which is an inactive form of T3.

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Is It Safe To Take Iodine When You Have Hashimotos Disease?

is iodine safe to take when you have hashimotosWhen you spend some time online researching the question “is it safe to take iodine when you have Hashimotos” you will soon realize there are conflicting opinions, and information about how much iodine is safe to take.

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Walk dance sing documentary: unraveling my Hashimoto’s affair

walk-talk-dance-sing_Studio wild, CanadaWalk dance sing: unraveling my Hashimoto’s affair’ is a powerful documentary by Donna-Lynne Larson.

Donna-Lynne is the Founder and Creative Director of Studio Wild, Canada who produced this documentary.

Donna-Lynne tells her raw and honest real life story of dealing with the challenges and the lessons learned from living with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Donna-Lynne also interviews individuals who share their very personal thyroid health stories.

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What is bradycardia? Why is a slow heart rate often associated with hypothyroidism?

what is bradycardia?Bradycardia is the medical term to describe a slow heart rate. It is defined as a resting heart rate of 60 beats per minute or less.

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The healing cancer interview: radical remissions {+ prevention}

radical remissionsI am a fan of Kris Carr. This wellness warrior is a straight talker that inspires countless people to take charge of their health and happiness.

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Your winter wellness tips

winter wellness tipsWinter is the season of regeneration and repair.  So as the days get cooler it is time to prepare for winter by making some adjustments to your diet and lifestyle.

Now is the ideal time to emphasise nutritious foods that create warmth within your body. Think casseroles, risottos, freshly made soups and stewed fruit for dessert.

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Testing For Viral Infections {Does It Matter When You Have Hypothyroidism?}

testing for viral infectionsUncovering a long standing infection could offer a real solution to solving your thyroid disorder. Did you know chronic infections can easily masquerade as hypothyroidism?

In fact, there’s often a overlap between hypothyroidism and symptoms triggered by a lingering viral infection.

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Why green tea may not be all that healthy for your thyroid

green tea can harm the thyroidGreen tea blends are a popular and stylish drink of choice for health conscious individuals. But is green tea beneficial when you have a thyroid disorder?

An article published in 2010 in the Human and Experimental Toxicology journal was the first to raise questions about the possible anti-thyroid effects of green tea.

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Fed Up Movie {Is Your Diet Making You Sick and Tired?}

Fed Up Movie‘Fed Up’ is a new documentary about the American food industry. It reveals some sobering facts about the state of health in America.

Over 95 percent of all Americans will be overweight or obese in two decades; by 2050 one out of every three Americans will have diabetes; and 80 percent of food items sold in America have added sugar. 1

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